How To Choose the Right 3D Printers?

So, you want to buy a 3D printer for your business in 2021?

If so, it’s important to understand that there is an endless array of possibilities in 3D printing, because lots of manufacturers are already vying for huge market share by presenting a number of choices.

Therefore, it is quite challenging for people to find the right 3D printer from a huge variety. However, we all have to start from somewhere and do our own research for getting the perfect option.

Especially if you are a beginner, you must feel confused that which technology is better for you, FDA or SLA? Plastic or metals? In order to remove that conflict, I am going to present a comprehensive buying guide. It may help you select the best 3D printers for your successful printing solutions in 2021.

Quick tips to buy the best 3D printer for small business:

Now you can save plenty of time searching for the best 3D printer with these helpful tips.

Know your needs:

Before you go out and buy your 3D printer, let me give you good advice.

Before buying anything, it’s important to analyze your needs first. Because there is going to be a big gap between some large 3D printing industrial-scale production parts and printing gadgets for a small table.

Therefore, it’s better to plan before making any choice. Evaluate where you are going to put the printed objects, and how much time you need to invest in printing.

Choose your desired printer style:

I have seen many hobbyists and beginners tend to choose a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer.

Now, these printers efficiently extrude multiple hot materials as well as plastics, which is called a filament used to build versatile 3D-printed objects. I believe this is the best 3D printer for beginners that has user-friendly operations and easy handling.

Other styles often utilize vats of liquid resin while printing objects. This involves Digital Light Processing (DLP), and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), or even Stereolithography (SLA) that rely on powders instead of liquid resin material.

Do not forget to check the safety features:

I have usually experienced the fact that 3D printers that have a lot of safety features are extremely well-designed and easy to use. Let’s take the example of an FDM printer. This printer might cool its nozzle and heated bed when the printing is almost finished.

In fact, some printers also tend to move their nozzle away from the printing object when the print job is finished. It simply prevents some extra heat damage as well as an excess filament from forming.

Find advanced or other high-quality features:

I believe many people easily overlook or neglect the importance of some high-quality features that give lasting results- which is definitely quite harmful to them in the future. Hence, when you check all the advanced and high-quality features, they would totally change your overall experience in 3D printing. Now you must be wondering what the advanced features of 3D printers are.

Well, it includes, touchscreen user interfaces, heated glass beds as well as dual filament support. Even some simple elements like build volume, or the total room for printing, could make your 3D printer worth the investment.

Always check the resolution:

Did you know the resolution of a 3D printer is always measured in microns?

When you have the FDM printers, their lower end resolution has 25 microns and resin-based printers on their high end would have around 100 microns. The final print resolution using an FDM printer is easily adjusted as compared to other types. Besides that, their belt tension or layer height is also one of the most considerable factors related to smooth printing.

When it comes to resin printers, you will find that the resolution is limited by the laser precision. So, it’s important to look for a printer that has an easy and adjustable resolution and has a higher number of microns mentioned in their specifications.

Get a brand that offers complete support:

Before finalizing your 3D printer purchase deal, it’s essential to check out the customer support system of your manufacturer. See if your company has a streamlined professional support system or just dealing with their clients on Facebook or Twitter? By analyzing this element, you can easily evaluate the reputation of their brand.

This could make or break your overall 3D printing experience especially if something goes wrong at their end.

Check print resume functions:

I think there would be nothing worse than ruining the quality of a beautiful printing object halfway through the end. You can easily figure out the problem when you have advanced print resume features as they ensure that your creations won’t be interrupted any time in case of any unexpected errors or pauses.

So, instead of starting from the initial point, the print job will automatically resume where it previously paused off.


Well, there is a lot of great information to consider and take in, but as we need to start from somewhere, I have mentioned few important checkpoints in this buying guide. So you are already armed with a lot of valuable details needed to buy a quality 3D printer.

Yes, we all know that 3D printers are not much expensive, but still, you don’t have to spend more than the requirement.

Know your objectives, daily print requirements, and set criteria or expectations about your new 3D printer. Never compromise on its quality or advanced features especially its user-friendly interface, heated glass bed, or its larger build volume element.

I also believe that a quality printer is always equipped with a great support system and even it has a lot of built-in security protocols that may provide extra security to your file or documents.

So, if you are ready to buy a 3D printer for your business today, research some important specs and features so you can find the perfect piece according to your needs and budget.

Let me know in the comments if I have missed any significant points above.

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