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ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer

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  • 6″ 2K Monochrome LCD, the exposure time is reduced to 1.5 seconds.
  • The max print speed is 50mm/h, 2.5X faster than Photon.
  • A large build area for your 3D-printed creations: 130mm×80mm×165mm.
  • New matrix parallel light source structure provides more even exposure.


  • System: ANYCUBIC Photon Mono
  • Operation: 2.8 inches Touch Screen
  • Software: ANYCUBIC Photon workshop
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Technology: LCD-based SLA
  • Light-source: high-quality filament(wavelength 405nm)
  • XY Res.: 0.051mm 2560*1620(2K)
  • Z Axis Res.: 0.01mm
  • Layer Res.: 0.01 ~ 0.15mm
  • Printing Speed: MAX 50mm/h
  • Rated Power: 45W
  • Physical Dimensions
  • Printer Size : 227mm(L)*222mm(W)*383.6mm(H)
  • Build Volume: 130mm(L)*82mm(W)*165mm(H)
  • Material: 405nm UV Resin
  • Net Weight: ~4.25kg
  • Gross Weight: ~6kg
  • Package Size: 295mm*295mm*530mm
United States
ANYCUBIC-PMPM add WS 2.0PM add WS 2.0 1LPM add WS 2.0 4LPM-1LPM-2LPM-4L
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Photon Mono Unboxing

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

6″ 2K Monochrome LCD

Comes with a 6.08” 2K Monochrome LCD and only takes 1.5 seconds per layer exposure to cure the resin. And the screen service life is up to 2000h, more durable than an ordinary RGB LCD screen.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Fast Printing Speed

The max print speed of ANYCUBIC Photon Mono is 50mm/h, 2.5x faster than the regular 3d printers like ANYCUBIC Photon, rapid prototyping greatly improved printing efficiency.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Large Build Volume

A large build area for your 3D-printed creations: 130mm×80mm×165mm / 5.11″x3.14″x6.49″

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Higher Accuracy

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono LCD Screen Adopts matrix parallel light source, it has a more uniform exposure, higher efficiency and better heat dissipation. The model can receive exposure uniformly and improve the printing accuracy.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Improved Stability

The Photon Mono 3D printer uses the Z-axis guide rail structure and screw motor, which makes the 3D printer more stable. With an accuracy of 0.01mm, it effectively eliminating layer patterns, It’s a great 3D printer for printing games, movies, cartoon characters, miniatures, etc.ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

UV-blocking Top Cover

With the Photon mono transparent cover, you can watch your prints while still blocking 99.95% of the 405nm UV light.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Anycubic Slicer Software

New features are added to the software. Supports up to 8x anti-aliasing.

  • Fast slicing
  • Hollowing
  • Model cutting
  • Lettering
ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

One-piece FEP film

With a One-piece FEP film, you can swap the FEP film easily and quickly.

Only take three steps:

  1. Unscrew the screws.
  2. Replace the new release film without dismantling the steel ring.
  3. Tighten the screw; Replacement complete.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Safe power supply

All of ANYCUBIC 3D Printers power supply has UL certification, CE marking, and ETL certification. We ensure safe use.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Safe design

The printer can be set to stop printing immediately after opening the cover, which is convenient to operate and see the printing process, also inproves safety. Friendly use for beginners.

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm


ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm


ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Package List

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer UV Resin Printers with 6 inch 2K Monochrome LCD Screen & Fast Printing Speed 130x80x165 mm

Weight6 kg
Dimensions22.7 × 22.2 × 38.36 cm
Ships From

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, CN, Czech Republic, DE, France, GERMANY, Italy, Poland, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United Kingdom, United States, United States


ANYCUBIC-PM, PM add WS 2.0, PM add WS 2.0 1L, PM add WS 2.0 2L, PM add WS 2.0 4L, PM-1L, PM-2L, PM-4L

Brand Name


Model Number

Photon Mono



CE Certification


Consumables Diameter




Printing Speed

MAX 50mm/h

Bed Temp


Slice Thickness

0.01 ~ 0.15mm



Maximum Printing Speed

MAX 50mm/h

Interface Type


Color Print Speed

MAX 50mm/h


405nm Resin,

Slice Software


Maximum Working Speed



X/Y: 0.051mm, Z: 0.01mm



Operating System

ANYCUBIC Photon Mono

Nozzle Diameter


Diameter Temp


Auto Leveling


Maximum Print Size


Molding Technology


Rated Power



2.8 inch Touch Screen

Printer Size


Package Size


104 reviews for ANYCUBIC Photon Mono 3D Printer

  1. C***a

    Value for money at the top! I really recommend it I was surprised by the precision of the machine

  2. U***u

    Excellent printer, but with the test model there were no big problems when printing, the printing quality is high

  3. N***k

    My first 3D printer)) order 25.10, received 20.11, of them at customs from 2.11 to 17.11. Duty 344.81. From Rosan comes a notification only about the primary request of documents, additional requests are visible in the office if to go there, but messages on the Viber do not come. The parcel arrived intact, setting up before the test printing is simple. Very satisfied with the purchase, I think that for beginners photon Mono is an ideal option.

  4. O***v

    The printer is just super. Mist exotr and customs is just * ope week in Ukraine and a month on it paid extra. At customs at 978 UAH. When buying a printer with resin 255 Dole.

  5. R***u

    The printer came fast. There were problems from the delivery service, but this does not apply to either the store or the quality. As for quality. Great packaging. The printer is packed just fine. The box came externally a little bit broken, but it did not affect the inside. The printer itself is very neatly collected. Luftov and not docking is not present. The printer looks like products of a serious world brand level company. Everything is in place, the processing of joints and nodes is good. I was recommended on the forum to carefully check and tighten the printer. I didn’t. Everything is already well assembled. The resin in the kit is very smelly. But it was already known. Now there is the first printing, the printer is closed with a lid and prints. No smell. In general, I’m still happy. I hope any problems will not come out in the future. Thank you.

  6. I***n

    Excellent thing, but with the settings two days had to suffer and half a jar of resin lime. Now there is an understanding of the process and fine settings. The printer himself arrived at the beginning, the next day the camera of light and two more days later resin. In general, I’m happy as an elephant.)))

  7. H***k

    The statement is too good. English letters address and name the patted, korean Alphabet name and clearance $ number prompted the late please look in A little time, south Korea customs in some took, but store’s shipping is fast way. Resin in Korea purchasing, the enclosed USB trepanned cubic shape of testers are well come out. Soap mold made for View saw ancient impact testing, 3D printer output water is unusable fine details and sleekly sought. Much research should do it for you.

  8. A***v

    The printer’s fine. It came in 10 days to Moscow. The store of the day 4 tupyl, could not transfer to transport. Delivery was at the point of issue, although when ordering, I indicated delivery home.

  9. A***v

    Excellent product. The store is very nice and he will do everything possible to satisfy the customer. Excellent service! I’m recommending the seller and I will buy from him again!

  10. E***r

    Items arrived very quickly and came packaged securely without any damage. First time buying on AliExpress, Definitely gonna try it again for other items.

  11. B***y

    All received, two models printed, well suited for all kinds of board games, something large will be problematic to print. Only here the printing speed is not very happy. On average, 3 hours on a miniature, as in the photo, but this I already want too much.

  12. A***i


  13. V***a

    For a good time. Lack of proof

  14. D***y

    Chose between this printer and elegoo Mars 2 Pro. But bribed the cost of the kit (Printer + washing-drying-lighting + 2 liters of resin, and one and a half thousand more discount!). For the beginner it is! With the first print everything turned out! It went quickly, from warehouses in Russia.

  15. M***v

    Good store!

  16. M***z

    Super well printer, luxury print, only it took me 20 days to arrive, the resin I bought them takes me about 40 days.

  17. I***v

    I bought a stock for 11.11 sets. Great price and printer. Sending by several parcel, delivery by courier. Packed capital, damage something must be tried. All in foam, outside and inside. I recommend, both the store and the printer. You can read reviews in the Internet, this is one of the best budget models.

  18. O***k

    I saw everything in the description, good, in the robot

  19. U***r

    Had to wait a long time, but the quality is super!

  20. B***o

    Perfect as always!

  21. I***V

    Доставка со склада из России за 8 дней (из них смола – отдельной посылкой 6 дней). Печать из коробки, качество отличное. Брал в комплекте со смолой, у меня получилось 2.5 секунды на слой 0,05мм. Пока игрался с настройками – зафошмачил FEP пленку, пришлось докупать ванночку из люминия, ибо стоковая жопно сделана – нет возможности заменить только пленку. Для вхождения в SLA печать – отличный вариант.

  22. S***v

    Everything is very fast, conveniently delivered and well packed!

  23. S***n

    Все отлично! В подарок положили бутылку зеленого филамента, хотя не заказывал. Приехало тремя посылками, очень быстро

  24. M***a

    Interesting thing. Test printing went 4 hours, but it looks very promising.

  25. V***v

    Fast!!! All whole!!! Everything works!!! The printer is excellent!!!!

  26. I***v

    Super, thanks, Visoko quality for work, delivery, delivery I will not eat it, but it’s OK

  27. D***i

    Excellent deal! The printer is open in the Internet, so I just agree with this opinion on the case, setting up from opening the package to printing the probe in a couple of minutes and the result is wildwild We arrived all in the specified period of express delivery to Russia, but in three different parcels (received devices in pochtomat, on a day later came resin to the local office of of office the store is cosmic and quickly answers (you can even try to ask for the colors you need resin with :). In general, a firm five for all points and I advise you to buy)

  28. J***Z

    Meets the expectations and the announced

  29. A***n


  30. G***r

    Sends very fast I recommend

  31. S***o

    Sent quickly, packed well, everything works. Ordered a printer and a washing machine, the printer drove by courier service delivery to the door, but the washing drove by mail the difference in delivery 1 day. The store promised to give 0,5 resin and did not give)), we will consider that we overplayed the business. I recommend the seller and the store to everyone. If the resin arrives later, I’ll fix the review.

  32. S***v

    Everything is perfectly packed, it quickly reached the cash register of five, it came in three separate parcels. In the queue were not everyone satisfied that I was given an order for a long time))

  33. A***n

    Qualitatively assembled printer, packed correctly. Clear instruction. I have not tried to print yet. After printing, I will add a review. Thank you anycubic!

  34. R***s

    Arrived very quickly. description corresponds. in work checked. everything is fine.

  35. V***v

    поставил пробную печать, довольно тихий, запакован на славу, прислали очень быстро

  36. D***r

    Fast delivery, no damage to the package. Printer works perfect!

  37. F***M


  38. V***v

    Sent in three deliveries. The first one came by mail in 2 days. In the second courier brought the printer. In the warehouse there was no resin and offered to replace it with vegetable. I came to the Post Office in 2 days. Satisfied as an elephant)

  39. Y***v

    The printer received, but separately ordered resin is delayed (stuck in the sorting center of the delivery service) and fully operation of the printer can not be checked yet. In the kit there is no gram of resin (for example, a 100 gram probe to emit products from anycubic). The platform for models is welded Krivo, but due to the fact that the fastening of the platform has a certain degree of freedom, it was possible to compensate for this curvature and in. In the rest everything is perfectly done and makes confidence, and due to small shortcomings I do not see the point of reducing the evaluation.

  40. E***x

    Article received quickly and complies with the description remains more than to try it

  41. M***i

    Very satisfied, quality is great, beyond my expectations. If you’re wandering if you should buy wash&clean, I say YES, it really helps, and make things easy.

  42. S***n

    thank you, very fast shipping! excellent first resin printer

  43. Customer

    Everything works, the store is sociable

  44. S***h

    To Ukraine from Germany came in 10 days, and then another month the parcel hung at customs. Because meestexpress can’t work. At first glance everything is fine, easy to assemble and adjust, literally 2 minutes and everything is ready. I haven’t checked yet.

  45. V***s

    Delivery was superb. Item as described. Another happy customer.

  46. S***v

    It came 2 parcels from the warehouse of the Russian Federation. It’s whole. The printing quality is high.

  47. R***p

    товар пришёл за 7 дней, приходило все разными посылками, часть товара пришло почему то почтой России, остальную часть получал в пункте выдачи Пятёрочки. По упаковке, все топчик, как с магазина, упаковано добротно, картон, пленка, пенопласт, повреждений упаковки не замечено. По принтеру, и промывочной станции, все работает, повреждений и дефектов нет, все в плёнках чисто и аккуратно. Продавец отличный, общения собственно не было, заказал- оплатил-получил, считаю это хорошим качеством. Заказывайте со спокойной душой и не переживайте. аминь

  48. B***k

    anycubic very good product, No array 2 l resin

  49. G***r

    Very good.

  50. I***s

    Everything is gorgeous, it works as it should 1,5 liters already spent

  51. E***k

    couldn’t be better

  52. G***r

    All delivered in less than a week. The only thing but, the order is sent 3 different parcels (took the printer, washed and resin), which forces to run if they come at different times. In general, everything compensates for the delivery time, so I am happy.

  53. F***.

    Hello, the goods came very quickly, do not be afraid of shipping from Germany, a few days and it is :). The goods are packed really well, a lot of foam inside and outside, nothing flies loosely.

  54. I***v

    Everything came as quickly as possible. To their dismay, none of the test models has been printed successfully. The Cube broke down when printing the rib, and when printing the dies, one fell off. Then the native slicer began to mow, and when printed on one layer turned on the light of the whole table. Until I figured it out, I thought it was my matrix. In the end, prints chic. Layers do not see from the word at all, like casting. It’s great!

  55. R***r

    It’s all received. Thanks to the store for sending at my request to Sevastopol. My recommendations. The printer arrived in 5 days. The IML service works clearly. Super seller!!!! Five stars.

  56. D***w

    I came to St. Petersburg in four days. Works, everything is super, in print has not yet checked

  57. I***v

    The printer came intact, everything is fine. everything works, checked, printout the test cube from the flash drive. In general, excellent

  58. D***i

    Great! This is the best buy for this year! Hope packing All additional tool for maintenance. The flash drive is included. There is not enough triple washing and drying module. After all, you can work and make a printer-sink 2 B1

  59. S***.

    Och. securely packed. Assembly in a couple of minutes. The only cry glued the sticker, which is determined by the closure of the bulb (1mm above the beam when the spring is closed).

  60. J***e

    Everything is super, the packing is reliable!

  61. E***r

    Everything is very good, many thanks. Wil buy again from you!

  62. A***k

    Prints perfectly, but very noisy. On the Z axis is the cheapest a4988 as a result of the noise such that it is not comfortable to be in the same room with it.

  63. A***y

    Everything is fine, one part of the store sent by post of Russia and wrongly indicated another index-I had to go to the far end of the post office. And so everything is super, I recommend the seller!

  64. C***e

    All excellent

  65. 2***r

    Quality… FDM and comparison impossible!!! So good!

  66. Y***n

    Все Ок.

  67. Д***р

    Sent fast, arrived on time, packing good. I pulled a test cube from the box. Corresponds to the declared characteristics. A beautiful space for creativity, limited only by imagination.

  68. I***v

    Well, what to say. The printer itself is good. Build quality at altitude. The gaps are even, there is no debris, the materials are tactile pleasant. The quality of the print pleased me. For the first photopolymer-the most it. I was pleased with anycubic, and not for the first time. The packaging is very reliable, the couriers can deliver you a printer and it will remain whole. IML got me upset. The store handed them the parcel promptly. And then they drove her slowly, and in fact passed all the work of the Russian post office, in which I took the printer and took it. There was a dent on the box, but, as I already wrote, the package was done with the task.

  69. Customer


  70. M***v

    Fast. Prints from the box.

  71. M***v

    Great printer! Excellent store, everything came quickly, although different parcels. The printer itself brought The Courier-the rest by mail. Thank you to the seller, sent a complete resin of those colors that I asked. The first seal was not without jambs, but it’s not the fault of the printer. I advise you to immediately prepare models in lychee, not slicer from a flash drive.

  72. P***o

    As the first printer is not bad. Before Ukraine went from Germany. customs detained for a month (hate customs). Slightly repainted the console to the left, but this is not deadly (most likely it will be necessary to look at the console adjacent to the carriage rails). The printing speed of the local photopolymerom-2.6c, I’m quite satisfied. I think to the output photon ultra-I will Master photopolymer printing

  73. A***f


  74. L***v

    Everything is super, as always. Very fast delivery to the apartment, everything works perfectly!

  75. R***v

    To Novosibirsk in 10 days. Everything is intact. Recommend.

  76. M***v

    This is the second printer from this store, all clearly, delivery 4 days

  77. S***y

    As always, anycubic has an excellent product and its packaging. Guys think when they design and when they produce printers.

  78. R***r

    Great printer

  79. V***v

    The printer came on time, the quality of the print is satisfied, the run-3 liters of resin.

  80. S***v

    Prints straight from the box. Everything is perfectly packed. All satisfied

  81. R***z

    The first two prints have come out perfect. I used resin chosen Walter washable.

  82. D***v

    Everything is fine

  83. Customer

    The order was shipped quickly, but the customs delayed delivery for almost a month. If you have such problems-immediately contact the store. Guys operating respond and prepare an invoice and other required documents.

  84. K***c

    Products for one week Doan is largely has arrived just shipping China reversible tongue In arrived. Bed for wound won more production. With sandpaper grind me from flat to grab and Wil. LCD for small debris Moss but misbecome Yet tested double line. Where in matters of pyramid shaped file output this has been well.

  85. M***i

    Very fast delivery. about 6 days from France to Poland. I bought it 11.11 and with using of some coupons I paid 508 PLN which is about 125 dollars. great price and great store. printer is already Working on its first print.

  86. A***a

    Everything came quickly, there are no complaints, I print the second week almost every day. The resin was detained because it wasn’t in the warehouse.

  87. R***i

    produits bien recu très rapidment je recommande le vendeur et tres sympa il répond aux messages

  88. D***v

    Prints well, the only now I want a bigger working field)

  89. T***n

    perfect and super quick

  90. Customer

    Everything is fine, the printer works as it should, the resin was sent black, 1 liter, Eco. Resin came later, by mail of Russia, and the printer brought home IML delivery. We will deal with the settings.

  91. 7***r

    The printer arrived quickly (5 days since the order). Delivered by courier right home. The printing was carried out immediately. It’s OK.

  92. A***v

    The printer came to Moscow in 5 days. Indicated delivery to the post office, but brought to the post office in the store. When I dialed the code and opened the cell, there was a note asking the store administration. I will not describe for a long time, but hemor was on receipt of the parcel. This is a very big minus delivery. Printer working. Compare with nothing-this is the first 3D printer in life. Took for hobby projects. Print quality and precision shocked. Printed a homemade button of 4 parts, compatibility turned out to be perfect. The first seal jammed, put little support, the details broke off. Pieces of parts printer hard pressed and because of this, the film of the bath has received jams. After washing, the film of the Bath became muddy and mint. But this did not affect the quality of the seal. Printer fire, for such money to take immediately! But do not regret the support for the model.

  93. D***i

    Despite the problem of delivery of one of the two products because of our splendid Swiss customs, everything went well

  94. T***t

    Delivered in 2 weeks by courier to the apartment, everything is packed well, in work has not yet checked

  95. Customer

    Came as four packets. All precisely tracked in track detail screen. As first came 1L bottle of green transparent resin (gift :-)), same day in the afternoon the printer. Two day later camed Wash&Cure and separately packet with 2L grey resin. So, keep calm, wait and check the track details.

  96. D***v

    Prints well, as far as I understand the green “model” Plastic is one of the most fragile. Printed 9 cm high yoda master figure, hollow inside, 1,1mm wall thickness. Support has been delayed very easily. When folding until fixing, the UV was suppressed to a degree 45 angle, then broken. The figure itself is also slightly elastic after roasting when pressing. When exposed to a brush, the piece breaks like caramel. From another plastic it is possible to get even household things to print, which do not require heavy load. In general, very satisfied. The smell of resin is not strong, as expected. Constantly in the living room of course you can not use, but occasionally it is possible. The resin is edible, when you hit the plastic case a little bit of a connector. The smell from the finished figure is not strong, a little chemical, like from paint.

  97. C***t

    Perfect, thank you

  98. I***v

    Excellent printer, with the first time test cube and no problems, the only delivery is not much delayed, but still very fast

  99. M***y

    The printer works fine. But the assembly is far from ideal. Be sure to check all the fasteners. The film on the bathroom was with a slight defect, the result of printing did not affect.

  100. F***e

    Perfect, very nice impressions from the beginning. Currently operating for two weeks.

  101. Customer

    Shipped quickly and works as described.

  102. Customer

    The printer was zatestyla, it works fine. True, there were mistakes, but it turned out that the iron plate was screaming, my jamb. See that it stood exactly when you start printing, nowhere and in YouTube about this moment do not write. And so the quality of the print is very cool, although I had to wait a month, because they did not have a white resin.

  103. P***l

    Szybka dostawa, drukarka działa perfekcyjnie, polecam. Lekko śmierdzi drukująca się żywica wiec potrzebne jest jakieś wentylowanie komory.

  104. M***o

    Упаковано отлично.

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