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Flyingbear Ghost 5 3d Printer

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Due to the shortage of chips, the driver chips tmc2208 and tmc2225 will be mixed, but the effect is the same. And the drivers of some motherboards cannot be replaced.

When the printer runs the first test printing, someone must guard the whole process to avoid accidents!

All printers have 12 months warranty, buy them with confidence.


  • The XY axis is driven by TMC2208/TMC2225, with low noise and high precision.
  • The printer uses a transparent BMG extruder, which is not only stable in feeding but also easy for maintenance.
  • The printer can connect to WiFi, and it is more convenient to print with wifi.
  • The printer adopts a 3.5inch colour touch screen, larger screen to make operation more convenient and simple.
  • The printer adds a filament loss resume function, you do not need to worry about filament exhaustion and print failure.
  • The printer adds a power loss resume function so that you don’t have to worry about a sudden power cut.
  • Print size:255*210*200mm
  • Bed size:275*215*200mm
  • Printer size:388*337*411mm
  • Layer thickness precision: 0.05-0.3
  • MAX printing speed: 150 mm/s.
  • Material type: PLA, ABS, Wood, HIPS .
  • Material specifications:1.75mm in diameter.
  • Positioning accuracy: Z 0.002mm, XY 0.01mm.
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Recommended extruder temperature: 210degC (the max 260degC).
  • Hotbed temperature: 60-110degC .
  • Extruder number: 1
  • Power requirements: 24V, 300W
  • Connectivity: WiFi,TF card,USB
  • Input file format:  STL , OBJ , DAE , AMF
  • Output file format : GCode
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac.
  • Control software: Repetier-host,Cura.
  • Machine weight: 15kg
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Popular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from Russia

Popular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from RussiaPopular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from Russia

Popular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from Russia

Popular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from RussiaPopular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from Russia

Popular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from RussiaPopular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from RussiaPopular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from Russia

Popular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from RussiaPopular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from RussiaPopular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from Russia

Popular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from RussiaPopular Flyingbear-Ghost 5 3d Printer full metal frame diy kit with Color Touchscreen gift TF Shipping from Russia




Brand Name


Model Number




CE Certification


Consumables Diameter


Printing Speed


Bed Temp


Slice Thickness



English, French, Russian, German

Maximum Printing Speed

150 mm/s

Interface Type



PLA, ABS, Wood, HIPS .

Slice Software




File Format


Nozzle Diameter


Auto Leveling


Maximum Print Size


Molding Technology


Printer size


Layer thickness


Extruder Temperature

Max 260 Degree Celsius

Hot bed temperature

60-110 Degree Celsius

XY-axis positiong accuracy


Z-axis positioning accuracy



WiFi,TF Card,USB

94 reviews for Flyingbear Ghost 5 3d Printer

  1. B***y

    Delivery to Ulyanovsk 10 days. He drove without damage. Completeness is OK, gift too. Flyingbear reborn x2.0 card with the ability to replace drivers. Prints out of the box well, immediately tried abs. Then I changed it to myself. Installed direct, backlight in the case, carried the suspension of the filament to the side panel. There was one glitch when printing on WiFi, when the printing from the chicken was canceled, all 3 axles hung. Helped to fill the firmware. In general, while satisfied. In the future, I plan to increase the lining of the case and the front panel with the door, then I will think about buying 2208 and 2209. The printer can be safely recommended and the store too.

  2. E***v

    All Hood, the drivers are removable, prints out of the box relatively normal. The screw drive of the extruder, but it is treated

  3. M***v

    With delivery in Russia came quickly. At the point of issue near the house. In the work has not yet checked, but the appearance is all right.

  4. A***v

    Delivery 10 days, collected without any problems, prints out of the box

  5. M***s

    The goods came quickly. But for some reason, at the point of self-delivery from the grocery supermarket.

  6. G***r

    Quickly came. Collected by video instructions. Everything works!

  7. R***r

    The printer ordered 20.10, received 24.10 (Nizhny Novgorod region) in Pyaterochka. Delivery mega fast, everything came in a package. Thank you

  8. A***V

    Аппарат просто супер! Сборка правда заняла 3 часа. Я неспешно все собирал по инструкции, конечно все собирал аккуратно и тихо, тк ночь и боялся детей разбудить какой нибудь отвёрткой , упавшей на пол, но если поторопиться то можно в 2.5 часа уложиться. Собирал по инструкции с сайта амперки. Зато с первого раза напечатал тестовую модель из комплектного PLA и это было восхитительно! То самое качество печати из коробки ради которого и брал медведя. Сейчас печатается вторая модель из petg но вроде напечатанное выглядим хорошо. Брал за 21800 с доставкой из России, доставили в пятёрочку. Я конечно боялся увидеть коробку с повреждениями, но все обошлось – на коробке никаких следов травм не было. Упаковано в родную коробку, внутри много пенистого материала в который все запаковано, но если кто-то попрыгает на коробке, то внутрянка конечно может пострадает. В Российских магазинах принтер стоит 25-29к поэтому покупкой за 21.8к доволен как слон!

  9. Customer

    Всем привет! Хочу поделиться впечатлениями…Это первый мой принтер. Ехал 10 дней в краснодарский край. Получал на кассе в пятерочке. Сборка за пару вечеров, и тестовая печать с первого раза. При печати своих изделий принтер перестал подавать пластик в экструдер, нашел в сети, что это обычная проблема у этих принтеров с распаянными драйверами. Залил новую прошивку, отформатировал карту памяти и все ок). Печать некоторых деталей выявила недостаток стокового обдува. Скоро придет АБС пластик и вентиляторы, буду голову печатать…Веселье только начинается)))

  10. Y***v

    собрал по видео за 2 часа, с первого раза нормально напечатал втулку для самоката. доставка очень быстрая, упаковано отлично.

  11. M***u

    Great delivery. Totally tracked. The video instruction is quite clear and complete. Going OK. I recommend using professional hex keys if you want to tighten the screws very tightly.

  12. A***v

    Everything is fine! Sent in a few days, went a little less than a week by courier delivery in Russia. Everything was assembled perfectly without unnecessary slicing of painted threads, as many advise here. I collected video instructions, but I screwed up the plastic walls at the end and finally pulled the top frame after them, it’s not clear why in the video instructions they are constantly turned Off Off Off The top frame is sure to attract only after the covers, as the covers are aligned with the diagonal of the walls. As all one hexagon in the kit is not enough, and the hexagon itself is hardly enough to assemble the printer, as they break down, but more from them is not required. The table is even, after leveling the table and the level of the top frame, the paper everywhere goes the same. Test Bolt with nut printed perfectly at a rate of 200%, no defects, can only see the places where the printing started and ended. Thanks to the manufacturer for the quality goods at a low price.

  13. V***v

    For a long time I chose a printer and stopped on it. Brought in a week, delivery in Pyaterochka. The Assembly is not difficult, the Lufts are minimal, everything is laid well in the basement, it pleases. Prints perfectly if you configure the slicer correctly. The store is great! Good luck to all!

  14. A***o

    Printer received in 11 days. Not yet unpacked.

  15. Customer

    I bought the second such printer in this store. Works fine, the drivers are not dirty

  16. Customer

    It came quickly, collected according to the instructions from yutuba in a couple of hours. Some hexagon was not enough, the good is their own sets. Bracket mounting Y-engine with holes under M3 instead of M4, I think that it is uncritical and will hold. To the WiFi connected, the table calibrated, printed until tried.

  17. M***v

    Delivered quickly in 4 days. Tested works Super. Only it is necessary to make a oscillation and preferably before each seal make a oscillation. The store sociable delivery is super. Packed Super.

  18. A***r

    A wonderful printer, prints directly from the box. Brought in 6 ~ days.

  19. P***q

    I bought the 7th printer tired of writing reviews

  20. O***v

    The printer is great. Take it. Well done))

  21. S***k

    Bring straight to the apartment

  22. A***v

    The printer came for a week in Moz. OBL. Everything works fine, at the first print did not want to stick plastic, as did not set up the table, it turned out that it was necessary to clean the table after unpacking alcohol and printing The board was with 2 quiet and 2 loud drivers.

  23. Customer

    Everything is super. Delivery fast

  24. V***n

    Мегабыстрая доставка в Иваново. В воскресенье заказал в среду забрал. Принтер пока не смотрел. Будут вопросы напишу. Спасибо продавцу.

  25. R***o

    Everything is fine, the goods came quickly and of good quality! I recommend the store.

  26. D***r

    Fast, DPD delivery.

  27. S***v

    The parcel could not leave for 3 days. I ‘ve been driving for almost a month and a half. The way was tracked. Packed all soundly. Everything is separately in its package. The work has not yet been checked. With time to complete the review. The parcel is equipped as in the description. There is a list of equipment and instructions.

  28. A***v

    Получил быстро. Что внутри- посмотрим. Надеюсь, что всё хорошо.

  29. A***n

    all as expected!

  30. S***l

    Очень хороший принтер. Продавец по гарантии выполняет все как положено. у меня 5 таких. первый уже 8 месяцев работает 24/7.

  31. K***v

    The bear came well packed, assembled, everything works. There were not enough bolts, collected according to the instructions on yutuba, in the end, the back cover is held without two bolts. The store sent very slowly, I do not know what was connected to, but waited almost until the completion of the order processing with the fact that express delivery was chosen. Delivered through the KCE directly to the apartment. This is my first printer, let’s see what will surprise)

  32. Customer

    Prints well out of the box.

  33. P***v

    Great printer. Came in 6 days

  34. Customer

    The printer is good, and the salesman is lying. A few days after the purchase, he wrote that the printer is at customs in my country and will be brought to me soon. I waited for him for a month and a half, the store sent me many times the wrong track numbers that went not even to my country, but after writing that the printer was lost and it not

  35. P***h

    Works. Absentee. Drivers are interchangeable.

  36. S***k

    Excellent! I came to Rostov in 5 days. Assembled, everything works. At first I could not make friends with Kura on the WiFi when transferring a file to it, but after several seals through the flash drive, everything worked itself.

  37. L***i

    Really fast shipping and good packaging. Is my 1st printer bt I was able to print the 1st model after only few hours.

  38. R***r

    Delivery fast to the house is just super. The bear already falls for the benefit of younger family members. Prints toys.

  39. J***s

    I did not immediately understand why the filament is not served, but then it earned.

  40. A***v

    The hex key has been undone, so be ready to run behind the tool, seal the bolt and nut in principle norms, problem with the first layer. Sent from a warehouse in Russia, so the duty did not pay, it came in 5 days

  41. N***n

    Fast delivery, came in a box, a little crumpled, but inside everything is whole, still not assembled, then I’ll add a review

  42. S***v

    Order came quickly. Everything is well packed and corresponds to the description. The printer works. Seller recommend!

  43. P***n

    Fast delivery and chic service! The printer works perfectly. The only negative is the ultrabase to which the plastic does not stick well! I’m going to change it to ordinary glass. The extruder and Z axis drivers are terrible! Change immediately! Ordered, waiting! It’s disgusting! Immediately put them and the price is higher! In general, the previous printer was a encoder 3! And this one is more interesting!

  44. E***v

    Everything works. Delivery 5 days.

  45. A***v

    Ordered from Moscow 23 received 28 in Lipetsk near the house in postyatya Pyaterochka. At a discount from Ali and keshbek litisshopa came out 18 rubles. I collected under the evening of the nepeh according to the instructions from amperka. The test hat from the flash drive began to print, interrupted so that I do not waste the filament on the varnish, I will order more drivers 2209 and an easy motor for the director

  46. N***v

    This is my first printer so there is nothing to compare with. Prints directly from the box, almost collected for the beginner the most it. Printing quality is good. Delivery to Yaroslavl from Russia 5 days. Recommend product and store

  47. R***n

    Everything is chic, collected according to the instructions from the amperk site, very detailed instructions. I have already printed 3 coils of PLA and PETG, I got the motherboard Robin Nano in 1,2 with replaceable drivers.

  48. S***n

    I was generally satisfied with the expected operation. However, the sound is a little loud (laughs)

  49. Customer

    Excellent printer, hard design, after assembly is immediately ready for printing. Good base, no need to apply PLA printing glue

  50. I***n

    Everything came as indicated, a little before the declared delivery time. An adequate store, goes to dialogue, answers all questions. Very nice! Thank you very much!

  51. P***q

    Заказываю пятый принтер, наконец-то пришла плата реборн, в остальном одно и тоже, китайский кубик, печатать можно

  52. V***n

    Very cool printer!! True took for ABS, but they do not yet print

  53. A***k

    все ок, только с нагревом стола пришлось помучиться ( плохой контакт)!

  54. O***v

    Delivered quickly, assembled easily.

  55. R***r

    Excellent printer, surprisingly smooth table, without jambs, a little refinement and will be a candy

  56. D***v

    good choice for 250$. fast shipping from nearby warehouse. I got parcel after week from ordering. you can see printing quality in pictures below (PLA, 60 mm/sec, layer width 0.2 mm)

  57. M***v

    Faced with the fact that not all the hexagon were in the set =/delivery fast. The box is whole without damage. It’s all right. Ties of course in the butt. It’s easy, okay. After assembly, immediately ready to print. The price also pleased.

  58. D***o

    Принтер в порядке, работает отлично

  59. G***r

    It came in 9 days from the Russian warehouse. On board MKS Robin nano v 1.2 with replaceable drivers. Feedback after assembly I will add.

  60. A***v

    The printer came, working. We have to collect. Alas, the flash drive from the kit was not working‍♂& Middot; Prints layers need to make cold baths. Suitable for ABS, PLA, but interesting PETG more. In general, think 10 times before buying, models on the Internet are usually useless, and you still have to try. Dopnik look for plastic at once (native white PLA is boring, but you can paint), alcohol technical.

  61. D***v

    The printer is very high quality, everything started from the first time after calibration. If it is correct to calibrate before each time, then the printing will be good

  62. Customer

    Came very quickly, 28.09 ordered, took 3.10. The kit is full, the assembly of problems did not deliver. After tests, I’ll add a review.

  63. V***b

    The order was brought in 10 days by the delivery of the CAS to the house. For those who want fast delivery, choose express delivery, delivery from Russia, no taxes

  64. I***v

    A good printer, assembled according to the instructions quickly, the kit mounting bracket of the engine was curve in the rest everything is fine

  65. A***h

    Great Machine! Delivered by courier DPD in hands. Neat packaging, everything was completely safe. I collected it easily according to the instructions. thanks and prosperity to the store and people who produce this miracle!!! I recommend to buy!

  66. V***n

    It’s been half a month. The equipment pleased here and tools and screws with a margin. Packed up in the evening.

  67. R***s

    I collected, everything is fine, that’s only on the motor on the y axis, I would of course put bolts on more, especially remain in stock, and I watched the video of as as and I have for some reason a smaller one, but come on, in general, the printer is very cool, I advise! And I also put delivery from China to Volgograd came in a week, I so understood the store shitryl and sent from Russia, but it’s even better, I did not have not have

  68. A***v

    Fast delivery, from the box collected-charged plastic-print. It’s fine.

  69. S***r

    A good printer, for 18 K will go

  70. R***r

    Fast delivery has not yet opened

  71. D***v

    Great printer. Packed up in the evening. It was necessary to play with the calibration of the table, so that normally began to print the first layer. Now I print my details. Sending models to the printer works on WiFi. The thing is excellent, I recommend. But the delivery from 5post slightly adjusted: the parcel left with the sorting and did not tremble 5 days. I went to the cash office to see if they had them and, about the miracle of her, only came to me and I could take her away.

  72. D***v

    Пришло быстро МО 3 дня. Все целое, собрали легко. Печатает нормально. Продавца рекомендую.

  73. K***v

    Ordered with accelerated delivery. During the week it came to the nearest DPD point of issue from my house. The printer itself is dismantled. The Assembly took two and a half hours. In general, the printer liked. After Ender 3, the printing quality is noticeably higher, and the printing speed is higher. Of the minuses: 1. Noisy drivers on z axis and extruder. Ordered on Ali driver tmc2209 for replacement. As they come, I’ll install and unsign. 2. after Ender 3 it is difficult and unusual to change the filament, but it is a matter of habit. In general, I can recommend both as a professional and as a first printer too.

  74. D***d

    I collected several hours, there are structural changes, or rather with screws, it is necessary to twist M4, and the hole is made under M3. In general, it looks good as I try and work on it I will add a review

  75. I***h

    Good Printer, long wanted. I fucked him for an hour. Most of all fucked with the extruder, not so easy to refuel. Well, in general, this is the best printer. I will not upgrade anything yet. Filament ordered waiting.

  76. R***r

    Everything was collected without dancing with a tambourine, after three and a half hours, he already printed “bear Bolt” 😉 The acquisition is happy.

  77. K***y

    Характеристики товара соответствуют его описанию!

  78. A***l

    The printer came in two weeks in Akhtubinsk delivery from Russia. Delivered by courier. So far, I did not get the print, I did not understand the settings (I do not respect the Kuru, and in my slider there is no profile of the bear)))) Printed filter for filament, turned out porridge. Summer, it’s full of things, I’ll free up-I’ll figure it out. In general, the printer liked, the quality of performance at altitude.

  79. Customer

    Long waited, and so everything is fine

  80. N***v

    Before that, I used other printers, collected and tested, changed .. This printer takes its quality in every detail! It feels like engineers made a printer with respect to customers! Excellent packing, going easily. Quality details .. Prints straight from the box on high quality! And 7 days delivery!

  81. D***n


  82. R***v

    Delivery fast in 5 days from the moment of order to the Rt. collected literally in 1,5 hours. Prints on 5 +. The acquisition is happy as Luck) any jambs did not notice packed perfectly. Only I can not find the Wi-Fi, but the printer is not here. I want to protest with TPU plastic, let’s see what this bear is capable of)

  83. E***v

    6 days in Sverdlovsk region Delivery in Pyaterochka

  84. Customer

    All OK and very fast prepared and shipping

  85. D***n

    The printer is good, but the flash drive from the kit she did not see had to buy another

  86. A***n

    The product corresponds to the description. I recommend the store.

  87. D***v

    Very happy with the purchase

  88. M***V

    The printer is excellent and fully complies with my wishes. Delivery is disgusting. The express delivery to the apartment was chosen. First, the store sent the goods on the day when the goods were to be received, and, after demanding letter to the seller. Secondly, the transport campaign has been throwing goods from a warehouse to a warehouse in Moscow for a whole week, while he visited the warehouse of problem goods. Also, after contacting them, the goods were transferred to The Courier. In-Third X, instead of having the printer delivered to the apartment, it was brought to the nearest Pyaterochka 500 meters from the house. Well, the car is there, or it would have to be dragged manually to the house these 15 kilograms! Fourth, despite the fact that the printer was delivered not from Russia, but by express delivery and instead of 1-1,5 weeks, it was delivered 3 weeks ago, the delivery was not completed. Since the delivery was significant to them, as from Russia. Printer recommend, this type of delivery in this seller-No.

  89. D***o

    В общем и целом за 21к принтер классный! Драйвера тихие, но минус – распаяны на плате. При сборке проблем не было, собирал по инструкции амперки, часа за два с перекурами справился. Из коробки печатает неплохо, вайфай работает. Ключи в комплекте так себе качества, винты часть ок, часть пластилин, когда крепил мотор уже при слабой затяжке слизались грани на винтах. В итоге мотор то повесил, смогу ли снять при необходимости не уверен 🙂 Принтер тихий, после предыдущего (лонгер лк4 про) особенно заметно, можно в принципе спать в одной комнате с ним. Доставка отдельная история, почему то прилетев из Китая он попал к почте России, и даже не емс. В итоге получать пришлось в отделении, как тащить его если бы не было машины – вопрос. Но к слову, доставка даже через почту быстрая, в 10 дней уложились. Дорабатывать принтер придётся, как минимум поправить обдув, и добавить подсветку – не видно вообще ни фига. На фото кубик из петг, все настройки стандартные, качество из коробки более чем норм.

  90. D***v

    From the box I got it, I collected everything works perfectly, but six-faces are better to use their normal

  91. S***n

    Быстро доставили за 8 дней. Упаковано хорошо

  92. I***o

    I recommend the store.

  93. A***a

    Excellent product quality is very high…. The top

  94. D***l

    Nice printer. Clear instruction on YouTube is not necessary in principle, as the design is simple. I advise first just to bait all the bolts and after installing the chassis (frame) start to tighten them. Screws go tight, as the thread is painted together with the panels, the kit comes with disposable hexagonal, one always forget to put, be ready to buy in advance.

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