What to Consider While Using 3d Printers?

If you have ever used a 3D printer for your business projects, you must know that it has some simple yet complicated operations due to several difficult elements.

But if you have never used it before, it’s quite challenging for you to understand its foundation, functionality, and some complicated features that run the overall process for smooth results. However, when you understand everything perfectly, things get pretty easy and your horizons may expand with time, experience, and knowledge. So, let me tell you one thing before proceeding, using a 3D printer is a very exciting experience.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s scroll down without further delay and know some important factors while using 3D printers.

How does 3D printing work?

Before jumping onto the tips and factors for using 3D printers, it’s important to understand their working process so you can use them easily for home or office.

When you start creating any 3D object on your home PC, you need to connect it with your 3D printer, just hit the ‘print’ button, and then sit back and relax. We can refer to the process of making a small loaf of sliced bread, from the reverse side. Let’s suppose each person is making his own slice of bread and after that, he glued them together to make one loaf (which is opposite to creating a loaf and slicing it, just like a baker). This is the job of your 3D printer.

Now your 3D printing process turns that entire object into lots of tiny slices after that makes it from the lower bottom side, slice by slice. These small layers stick together and make a solid object.

Each layer looks complex and untangled, which means your 3D printer can easily create its moving parts like wheels. Now you could print your whole bike- its wheels, paddle, chain, frame, brakes, and saddle in an already assembled way, without even using any tool.

Now let’s move to the next part where you need to consider some essential factors for using 3d printers.

Choose between manual leveling and auto-leveling:

Do you know you always have a choice between using a simple manual printer or an advanced auto-leveling 3D printer?

However, if you like some DIY kind of elements and want to learn all the positive and negative elements of your printer, then using a manual printer is the best choice indeed that helps you unleash some information about the printing process. But if you are more focused on getting a high-quality 3D printing that performs all the functions itself, then relying on an auto-leveling printer is definitely the right option for you.

Another important element to know is, your auto-leveling printer always has some switch or proximity sensor that exists around the print head which will further move near the print bed so it can easily measure the distance.

You cannot print everything!

Although 3D printing has a vast range of applications that are helpful for various fields and industries. But the fact is, it cannot help you with everything.

Yes, it can manage lots of things that cannot even be managed by standard manufacturing methods.

However, the truth is, 3D printers won’t print “physical things”, they can easily print any shape, like also a very detailed shape that works together to create a proper object. They can also take that material you are printing, and then build a particular shape.

Consider FDM printers

While exploring everything about 3D printers, you may have learned the fact that there are a lot of types of 3D printers- and the two major types are Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) as well as Stereo-lithography (SLA) which are much different from each other.

I would recommend you use FDM printers for now, especially if you are a beginner or buying a 3D printer for home. The reason is, it helps you print your objects quickly and also available at a much cheaper price.

These types of printers offer extreme versatility while printing, as they are also quite compatible with ABS, PLA, PVA, SLA, and others.

Check out the safety:

Checking out its safety features is one of the most important things to look for in a 3D printer. Yes, I know your preliminary focus is on getting great and high-quality prints where you often forget about the safety.

Luckily, you can follow some tips that can easily improve your safety level with much ease and convenience.

  • Always ensure that your printing room is much ventilated and have maintained good airflow
  • Make sure the area is safe from fire hazards
  • Must buy your 3D printer enclosure
  • The printer can often get very hot at certain times, so keep children and animals away from it

As long as you are following these safety measures, your process will run smoothly and deliver good results. Well, the good news is, your printer manufacturers also keep safety practices in mind as this has become a growing concern in consumers’ minds- so they develop a secure and safe system for long-term use.


According to the above-mentioned details, you must get an idea about the awesomeness of 3D printers.

Well, I also believe that this is a very remarkable field to get in because it has applications that are unique and advance and may beat other 3d technologies in the future. The best part is it is available in a reasonable price structure- which is even affordable for business owners and common individuals. So, I would highly recommend this technology to anyone who wants to produce something compelling yet engaging rather than just consuming.

Yes, you also need to learn advanced features of 3D printing but there is nothing complicated that cannot be learned by an average user. Even young children can efficiently use 3D printing for creating useful objects. So, if you have plans to buy and use the 3D printer, have a look at this detailed guide and make sure you are following all the suggestions & recommendations.

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